Use our 10x technology to learn to play the songs you love faster than you thought possible.  Surprise yourself.

What is PianoMaestro?

The PianoMaestro® learning system is comprised of (1) a computer program that reads standard MIDI files and displays the notes on the screen and (2) a ruler-like strip of lights that is placed of the black keys of any acoustic or digital piano. PianoMaestro®’s 48 lights correspond to the keys on your piano, indicating which keys to play at the right time. The PianoMaestro connects to your computer via the USB port.

Easy to use software

The PianoMaestro’s software has powerful features to help you confidently master the pieces you have always dreamed of playing.

  1. Watch the notes on the computer screen. Look for patterns.
  2. Repeat sections over and over until committed to muscle memory
  3. Slow down the playback speed
  4. Separate the left and right hands. Practice each hand separately

Students motivated by their accelerated progress will spend more time playing the piano.

Works with Synthesia

With PianoMaestro-Connector, you can use PianoMaestro with Synthesia.   With the proper connections, you can configure the PIanoMaestro to wait for you to play the correct notes before proceeding to the next ones.   It is like having a piano teacher 24 hours a day, 7 day s a week to show you how to play any song.

Millions of songs to learn

PianoMaestro uses standard MIDI files.   MIDI is a universal file format that has been around since the 1970s, so there are no proprietary formats or locked-in contracts.   Just the songs you love.

The PianoMaestro comes with more than 250 songs from the masters:  Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Debussy, Granados, Liszt, Mozart,  Schubert, Tschaikovsky.  See the complete list here.

Can't read music?   We can help you play songs.

Sight reading takes time.  Don't let that get in the way of enjoying your piano.

Fun for the whole family

PianoMaestro in the Media

“…incredibly simple and – compared to the price of your piano –cheap.”

“the gadget is available now, so go dust off that piano”

“Highly recommended!”

For the price of a few piano lessons you will have a teaching device that would last you a lifetime and gives access to learning to play the piano to all the members of the family…”

“The PianoMaestro has the potential to help so many kids who are struggling with the piano…”

“You could of course try to learn the instrument using a tablet or smartphone app, but we’re betting that it won’t be anywhere as beneficial as learning on the real thing”

"Hey, isn't this cheating?"

If you love playing songs on the piano, does it matter?

BTW:  PianoMaestro is waaaay cheaper than a Yamaha Clavinova with built-in guide lights!

Our customers love PianoMaestro

Piano Maestro has been the answer " "I've always been interested in learning piano, although my musical aptitude has always been quite questionable. Piano Maestro has been the answer! Its intuitive approach allowed me to learn a few pieces quickly and made me very happy! I'm looking forward to being able to play more and more music I love!"

Alberto Casetta, Treviso, Italy

This fantastic product will inspire your love of the piano for years to come. " "A fabulous idea that combines technology with a love of music and the keyboard (in more ways than one)... it gives your child the chance to explore a whole new world of music in a very special way! Do you want to reignite a passion for the keyboard, piano or music in your child's flagging spirits? Are you looking for something to spur them on? At Daisy Chain we are so impressed with Piano Maestro! This very unique product is a must-have! If you grew up with the piano and it's one of your favourite instruments, then this will inspire you and your child to love it all over again! A dying art? Not anymore! Piano Maestro brings yesteryear into the 21st century in a very modern and user friendly way that will excite your musically inclined child."

Daisy Chain at the Vine Blog

Piano Maestro is my perfect piano teacher and practice buddy! " "As a child, I played the violin and I attempted to play the piano. I could never train myself to use my left hand and right hand independently, so without a constant visual reminder to keep me disciplined during practice, I never learned. Piano Maestro is my perfect piano teacher and practice buddy! I can see where my hand/finger placement should be in real-time while I am playing, I can see the proper coordination between left and right hand, and I can see the synchronization with the sheet music. Now, I only wish that I had Piano Maestro when I was growing up!"

Kara Byun, Hong Kong

Fantastic. PianoMaestro was a really smart investment for our child's music education

Laura Senate, New York

PianoMaestro helps me get over that hump " "Excellent product! When my practicing is going nowhere, the PianoMaestro helps me get over that hump. The ability to slow down and repeat passages has been extremely helpful."

Ulysses Bilog, Melbourne, Australia

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