“I love this fantastic product. To be honest it inspired me to buy the Piano P95 keyboard and get practicing!!”

Robert Brandt, Sydney, Australia

“I’ve always been interested in learning piano, although my musical aptitude has always been quite questionable. Piano Maestro has been the answer! Its intuitive approach allowed me to learn quickly a few pieces and made me happy! I’m looking forward to being able to play more and more music I love!”

Alberto Casetta, Treviso, Italy

“As a child, I played the violin and I attempted to play the piano. I could never train myself to use my left hand and right hand independently, so without a constant visual reminder to keep me disciplined during practice, I never learned. Now as an adult I would like to try again. Piano Maestro is my perfect piano teacher and practice buddy! I can see where my hand/finger placement should be in real-time while I am playing, I can see the proper coordination between left and right hand, and I can see the synchronization with the sheet music. Now, I only wish that I had Piano Maestro when I was growing up”

Kara Byun, Hong Kong

“Excellent product! When my practicing is going nowhere, the PianoMaestro helps me get over that hump. Ability to slow down and repeat passages has been extremely helpful.”

Ulysses Bilog, Melbourne, Australia

“Great tool to help reinforce what my son learned from his piano teacher and to help him practice .”

Johnny Wong, San Francisco, USA

“PianoMaestro is a great pedagogical tool. For a generation that is growing up playing Guitar hero, PianoMaestro is an eduction support that students learning this instrument will find familiar enough to grasp when they first start using it, and easy to use as they continue to make progres in their abilities. I would certainly have benefitted from having PianoMaestro available during the ten years I studied piano during my formative years.”

Peter Mansantivongs, Melbourne, Australia

“Are you searching for a really unique gift for the little musician in your life? Then you need to visit The Piano Maestro and order yours now! This fantastic product will inspire and cement this love of the piano for years to come. A fabulous idea that combines technology with a love of music and the keyboard (in more ways than one)… it gives your child the chance to explore a whole new world of music in a very special way! Do you have a little recording artist on your hands? Do you want to reignite a passion for the keyboard, piano or music in your child’s flagging spirits, or are you just looking for something to spur them on to a path that you know is theirs to follow? At Daisy Chain we are so impressed with Piano Maestro! This very unique product is a must-have under your Christmas tree this year! If you grew up with the piano and it’s one of your favourite instruments, then this idea will truly inspire you and your child, to love it all over again! A dying art? Not anymore! Piano Maestro brings yesteryear into the 21st century in a very modern and user friendly way that will excite your musically inclined child. Explore a whole new world of music that will set your soul on fire and increase your passion for something you already knew you loved… but in this very new and wonderful way! Your own little Maestro could be composing songs before you know it! Invite Piano Maestro in to your home this festive season… it’s definitely time to enjoy some carols around the piano… just like you used to! “

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