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PianoMaestro 48i


Master the piano pieces you have always dreamed of playing with the PianoMaestro. Works with Synthesia and other third-party software.


  • Adds guide lights to the piano you already own
  • LEDs align with any 88-key keyboards and pianos
  • Easy to use software
  • Works with Synthesia
  • Reads standard, non-proprietary MIDI files. If you can find it on Google, you can learn to play it

Package Includes and Requirements

Package includes: PianoMaestro device, USB cable, download key for software download, 250+ Midi files

Requirements: Windows XP or higher. Works only on 32-bit versions of Mac OSX.


“…incredibly simple and – compared to the price of your piano –cheap.”


“Highly recommended! For the price of a few piano lessons you will have a teaching device that would last you a lifetime and gives access to learning to play the piano to all the members of the family…”

- Digital Reviews Network

“The PianoMaestro has the potential to help so many kids who are struggling with the piano…”

- ABC The New Inventors

“You could of course try to learn the instrument using a tablet or smartphone app, but we’re betting that it won’t be anywhere as beneficial as learning on the real thing”

- Gizmag

“PianoMaestro helps me get over that hump. Excellent product! When my practicing is going nowhere, the PianoMaestro helps me get over that hump. The ability to slow down and repeat passages has been extremely helpful.”

- Ulysses B, Melbourne, Australia

“Fantastic. PianoMaestro was a really smart investment for our child’s music education”

- Laura S, New York

“Piano Maestro has been the answer. I’ve always been interested in learning piano, although my musical aptitude has always been quite questionable. Piano Maestro has been the answer! Its intuitive approach allowed me to learn a few pieces quickly and made me very happy! I’m looking forward to being able to play more and more music I love!”

- Alberto C, Treviso, Italy

A Better Way to Learn to Play the Piano

For over 10 years, PianoMaestro has helped thousands of happy customers learn to play the songs they love faster than they thought possible.   PianoMaestro achieves this by adding guide-lights - a tried and tested technology found on high-end digital pianos – to the piano you already own


Effective learning tool

Easy to use

Uses standard MIDI files

great value for money